Green Line

STOKO Refresh® GREEN LINE combines environmental considerations with top skin care expertise... 
It is a pre-requisite that the products used must be gentle on the skin, moisturising, hydrating and environmentally friendly.

The products in the GREEN LINE implement the STOKO state-of-the-art science to ensure they clean gently, and their skin-neutral pH ensures the best efficiency combined with optimum skin compatibility. For a satisfying and cleanwashing experience.

All products are produced sustainably and certified to meet the high environmental demands of today. Awards such as the EU Ecolabel, NordicSwan or the Astma-Allergi Danmark Label confirm the unequalled product quality.



STOKO Refresh®
Wash – Spray


The pleasantly scented hand wash spray comes in the popular spray application. Skin-friendly and moisturising components give an all-around well cared for feeling. Awarded with the EU Ecolabel.

STOKO Refresh®
Wash – Foam


The creamy and fine-pored hand wash foam nourishes the skin with aloe vera. Perfect, top-of-the-line skin cleansing thanks to its superior quality care substances. Awarded with the EU Ecolabel.

STOKO Refresh®
Sensitive Wash – Foam


The extra mild foam is particularly suitable for sensitive skin. Awarded with Nordic Swan, the EU Ecolabel and Astma-Allergi Danmark, this product meets the highest standards and minimises both environmental risks as well as the risk of allergic reactions.

STOKO Refresh®
Mild Wash – Lotion


This citrus-scented wash lotion boasts a mild formulation and is therefore well-suited for hands as well as for face and body. Awarded with the EU Ecolabel.

STOKO Refresh®
Citrus Wash – Foam


This modern, refreshing hand wash foam meets the highest cosmetic demands. The combination of revitalizing scent, conditioner and moisturiser pampers the skin with pure freshness. Also well-suited for showering. Awarded with the EU Ecolabel.