Hygiene Line

The transmission of infectious diseases as a consequence of a lack of hand hygiene remains an important issue, because every day our hands come in contact with a variety of surfaces, objects and people.

The products in the HYGIENE LINE implement the STOKO state-of-the-art science, and also meet the highest hygiene standards which including being HACCP certified and rated according to EN 1499 or EN 1500, for example.

Products Description
STOKO Refresh®
Sanitzer - Gel
Gel for optimal hand disinfection without water with simultaneous skin care by means of a moisturising complex. Effective against bacteria (including MRSA), fungi and enveloped viruses.
STOKO Refresh®
Sanitizer – Foam
Modern, antimicrobial, active foam for use without water. With replenishing conditioner for a pleasant skin sensation. Effective against bacteria and fungi.
STOKO Refresh®
Antibacterial Wash – Lotion
Antimicrobial hand wash lotion, ideal for numerous applications. Effective against bacteria (including MRSA and VRE), yeasts and certain viruses.
STOKO Refresh®
Hand Sanitizer &
Protection – Gel
Antibacterial multifunctional gel for use as hand sanitizer without water with regenerating care components. Ideal for people wearing gloves due to the inclusion of an astringent agent against skin maceration. Effective against bacteria, fungi as well as HBV and HIV viruses.
STOKO Refresh®
Toilet Seat Cleaner – Spray
Spray with alcohol content for hygienic cleaning of the toilet seat.