STOKO Refresh Hand Sanitizer & Protection - Gel (2-P)

Antibacterial multifunctional gel for use as hand sanitizer without water with regenerating care components. Ideal for people wearing gloves due to the inclusion of an astringent agent against skin maceration. Effective against bacteria, fungi as well as HBV and HIV viruses.

    • for use without water
    • effective against bacteria, fungi, HBV-, HIV-viruses
    • bacterial reduction: 99.999 %
    • ideal against skin weakening in gloves
    • with the regenerating care components panthenol
    • and glycerin
    • reduces fingerprints and increases grip
    • Antibacterial multifunctional gel
    • tested in accordance with EN 1500
    • fragrance-free, HACCP-approved
    • 500-ml-Softbottle
    • 500